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Metal Prep is a full service coil coater who specializes in providing complete packages of painted and slit hot rolled steel. Metal Prep uses state-of-the-art techniques to apply organic (paint) coatings in a continuous process on a full range of hot rolled steel substrates.

Metal Prep specializes in the conversion of manufacturers from their inefficient, in-house painting processes, to the use of highly efficient and environmentally friendly prepainted metal. When this opportunity arises, a dedicated supply chain team is created to identify the customer’s needs and design a coating system that meets their specific requirements. Substantial cost savings can normally be realized through the elimination of operating costs, work-in-process inventories, material handling, warehouse space, environmental compliance and insurance costs associated with an in-house painting operation.

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The Metal Prep Effect


Experience The Metal Prep Effect

Prime: first-class, leading, state-of-the-art, stellar, world class. These words summarize what Metal Prep can offer its customers as one of the largest coil coating providers in the United States. For more than 40 years, Metal Prep has taken steps to refine its process to ensure a final product that meets the highest standards. It’s the unparalleled attention to detail, customer service you can depend on, and confidence that comes with getting the right product when you expect it. At Metal Prep, ‘Prime All the Time™’ is our motto. It means prime distinction, prime opportunity, prime availability and most of all, prime partnership. Experience the Metal Prep Effect and take your business to prime levels.
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