The Most Earth-Friendly Way to Apply
Coatings to Metal

The coil coating process itself is considered the most environmentally responsible way to apply paint to steel. It’s the most eco-friendly coating process on Earth. Here’s why:

  • Low VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds:Metal Prep uses a polyester based primer with a high solids content which emits a low VOC reducing health risks to its employees and others in the building. Additionally, by using a low-VOC emission product, Metal Prep helps reduce the negative impacts on ground level ozone, urban runoff, and leaching
  • Centralized Operations: By centralizing paint operations, moving them from the manufacturers’ inefficient in-house paint shops to Metal Prep high-tech coating lines, environmental issues are concentrated, controlled, and even eliminated.
  • Exceeds EPA Standards: The coil coating industry is subject to the highest EPA standards and meets and exceeds these standards even as they become more stringent year after year.
  • Recyclable & Recycled: The end products are green, too. Prepainted metal is fully recyclable, and coil coated products are often made of recycled content.

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Courtesy of the NCCA website

Recycled Content

Unlike brick, cement, wood, and many other building materials, prepainted metal can be recycled without loss of quality. Steel continually recovers its original performance properties, even after multiple times of recycling, allowing them to be used again and again. In fact, about 95% of the prepainted metal used in buildings are collected and recycled after they have served their purpose. By contrast, the performance characteristics of most non-metallic materials degrade after recycling, resulting in a loss of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Courtesy of the NCCA's website