Metal Prep- Houston, TX

Six Years- No Recordable Injuries

Metal Prep Houston employees achieve the extraordinary milestone of working injury free for the past six years! This achievement was accomplished at the end of the day on May 9th, 2014 and this six-year time period represents over 577,000 man hours worked safely and injury free by this group.

The Metal Prep Houston team has established safety as a core value within their workplace culture. It is a standard that they practice at work, and in their personal lives, with the mindset that every person is responsible for his or her safety as well as the people around them.

An accomplishment such as this is only possible through diligence and hard work, and demonstrates the commitment that each and every member of this extraordinary team puts into their safety efforts day in and day out. Congratulations to all of the Metal Prep Houston team!

Metal Prep Safety

Safety The purpose of our Safety Initiative is to develop a safe work culture and environment that standardizes our safety training and practices, creates enhanced safety awareness and hazard recognition, and empowers employees to make positive safety improvements in the work environment and safe practices and behaviors. Daily safety discussions, peer-to-peer safety conversations, an active and responsive safety suggestion program, monthly safety meetings, annual safety training, monthly plant inspections and quarterly safety professional audits are the cornerstones of our behavior based safety (BBS) program.